I just wanted to write this to explain why there was no Wassabi Wed to anyone who didnt know.(and apoligize now for using so much parenth....whatever i cant spell:) and for the fact that this blog cause i could have fit it in half a sentence) If you do know or if you are one of the peeps that check their twitter for updates then dont bother reading the rest of this cause I will prob just get on your nerves. Everyone on the Wassabi page(exept for a few peeps that tried explaining the same thing as I am now but nobody paid any attention to) is complaining (and saying over dramatic things like "wheres the @#$%*& video" and "is wassabi wednsday over?" and "its wassabi wednsday are you to lazy to upload the video")  Just cause they didnt get to upload one (stinking, lumping..whichever you prefer) video doesnt mean they will never post anything again its just a website(that i luv dearly) and important things come up in peeps lives and they dont have time to make a video for us lazy peeps who sit at their computers(and dont feel like using proper english when blogging......) and if you made it this far through the blog heres the half sentence you have been waiting for (and could have skipped to cause im prob gonna bold it.....hehe) they did not have time to film a video yesterday cause they are moving.

Wassabi finn and jake

Its wasabi time with roi the human and alex......the other uman