Wassabi Productions is a youtube series that makes funny videos. They sometimes make remixes to popular songs and are best known for their made up characters Richard and Rolanda. They also do many challenges, for example the ghost pepper challenge, and thrive bucket challenge. Roi Wassabi and Alex are the main Protagonist of the show. 

If you see a man on the wiki named Alex Wassabi Fan4Ever HE IS NOT ALEX WASSABI !!!!!!!!!  His name Is Alexander Theodore Stines , he is a 24 year old Dentist who lives in Sheffield in South Yorkshire , England , UK . He will get really angry if you call him or mistaken him as Alex Wassabi so better read this .

If you need help contact Admins , The Founder , or the Co-Founder / Leader Alex Wassabi Fan4Ever .


1. Please don't mistaken Alex Wassabi Fan4Ever as Alex Wassabi . Alex Wassabi Fan4Ever is actually a 24 year old man Named Alexander Theodore Stines , He is a dentist that lives in Sheffield In South Yorkshire , England , UK .  If you keep doing that to him we will track and Ban you from the wiki .

2. You must be 12+ for the wiki to get an account and if your a minor your not allowed on the wiki .

3 .No sexual penetration or Sexual things about the characters or we will BAN you ! LITERALLY

4. Bad Language is not allowed on the Charecters pages.

5 . Pedophiles and other bad people are not allowed .

6.  We will Ban kids ages 11 and down if they are minors 

7 .You must be a User to make pages .

8. The Co-Founder / Leader of the Wiki Alex Wassabi Fan4Ever is the only one that can edit pages

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Roi with Alex